WEEK 1 – approximately 850 miles traveled Folsom to San Felipe, Mexico

The epic adventures begins. Wow, am I really on a 4 month trip to Central and South America? It doesn’t seem real. Its then that I realized how hard this would be being away from family and friends for months, staying in hotels rooms by myself. I think I had my harsh awakening when a truck driver from Mississippi came over from his truck and said, “is it cold on that thing?” I smiled with a reply of “it’s cold when it’s cold, hot when it’s hot, windy when it’s windy, and rainy when its rainy”. He nodded and shared a story about a motorcycle wreck- to make me feel better for the day I assume. Yet then, there are moments like I had when meeting Richard, a security guard in Pauma Valley- whom pulled out a 100.00 bill after hearing about the journey I had begun.  As he handed me his generous contribution, he stated “I love what you’re doing.”