WEEK 5 – An Unexpected Return…

WEEK 5 – An Unexpected Return…

As some of you may know, Randy’s foot was actually injured and in need of surgery. He has been back in the states now for roughly a month; we are hoping for a quick recovery post surgery and have him continue his journey!

Horses on beach outside hotel roomAfter my visit to the first Orphanage was complete, I headed to a beautiful little beach town near Acapulco. As I was settling into this fantastic little boutique hotel, I noticed that my foot was really bothering me- and did not seem to be functioning properly. I made arrangements to see a doctor locally, and was then very quickly informed that my Achilles had ruptured and I needed surgery. I called my doctor back home for advice on my injury and within 3 hours was on a plane headed for home. It’s amazing to see the impossible happen when you are incredibly determined and focused. With kind help from the owner of the hotel, I was able to pack and find a place for my motorcycle to be stored before taking off for the airport across town.

I was seriously crunched for time- needing to ensure my motorcycle was stored safely before I attempted to make an international flight. (All of this with the parting words from my doctor, “don’t walk on your foot”) As I was headed to the storage unit on my motorcycle, one of the local police attempted to pull me over. I looked at him with extreme seriousness and in a very firm voice said “NO, I’m heading to the hospital and I need to get surgery on my foot. Sorry, I can’t pull over.” Luckily Chris, one of the employees of the hotel I was just at, had told me that local police mostly just want to harass tourists in order to take money from them. The policeman was persistent in getting me to pull over, but thankfully he eventually gave up and I continued hurrying off towards the storage unit. It was quite an interesting part of my journey; consisting of things I have never done in my life back home. For instance, walking up to a line full of people at the airport in Acapulco and stating in a firm loud voice, “Can someone help me? I need to get on a flight in a half an hour!”, or heading to the front of the security line and saying “I’m sorry but I have to get on this plane, can you let me pass?” Eventually, I ended up back in the US- making it to my appointment with the surgeon the following morning at 930 AM. The surgeon of course confirmed the same diagnosis as the doctor I saw in Mexico. My biggest concern was how quickly I was going to be able to get back on my bike and continue my trip.

So, here I sit in my new bright blue cast, waiting to heal. I found out later that the town I was in was called “Pie de la Cuesta”, in which means “Foot of the Hill”. I’m truly am at the ‘foot of the hill’, beginning to heal and optimistic on what life will bring me. Randy at desk with cast

I want to thank everybody for all of the well wishes and continued support. Also, with the fundraising we have done thus far, I am happy to share with you that Adventure for Kids was able to raise enough funds to purchase 500 pairs of shoes for the Orphanage in which I recently visited. We truly feel blessed at the opportunity to help make a difference for these children. Thank you again, and have a wonderful New Year!