Private Money Loans

Get your offer selected with a "cash-like" offer! No appraisals, no loan contingencies, no problem!

Our exclusive in-house financing program allows offers to be accepted without having to sell your current home first. Every scenario for our in-house program is different – just like the clients we serve. With our customizable “bridge loan” program, we loan you the money needed to buy your dream home, and your loan is repaid with the equity of the sale of your current home. Generally, these bridge loans have a higher interest rate than traditional loans however we also offer interest only and deferred payments, depending on your individual needs.

If you do not qualify for the three-payment program (existing mortgage, new mortgage, and payment for the bridge loan), there are instances that allow us to help you write cash-like offers using private money for your new home and loan you the money up front. Once your current home sells, we will refinance the private money loan into a traditional loan and repay the loaned money. Our clients really love this option because a lot of time this can be written and structured as a cash offer, with no contingency such as loan or appraisal! Again, each scenario is truly different.

In today’s market, often times our clients don’t need the bridge loan as their current home sells simultaneously with the purchase of their new property! With this program, we are the lender and we use our own money. This allows us the opportunity to look at the full picture of each of our clients and help make their goal of owning their new home a reality*. 

No two situations are the same and we can’t wait to chat with you about your home ownership goals.

**This is not a commitment to lend. Subject to credit and collateral approval.